Blu-Red By LipSense

Hi Beauties,

I was sent a lip kit from Senegence which they call Lipsense to try out and feature on my blog.  Just a Disclaimer, I am not being paid to review this products nor will I get anything if you decide to purchase any LipSense products, I just really wanted to talk about a very interesting product that I have been enjoying, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.  I received my product from the lovely Kayli who helped me select a shade as well as give me some background on the product before it arrived.  I wished that I had taken some photos of how it came packaged because it was so cute, it came in this pink mesh bag with the lip color, the “top coat” as I call it and the remover because no lie this stuff WILL NOT COME OFF.

I selected the color Blu-Red which is exactly what it sounds like, it is a gorgeous blue based red that makes your teeth look super white but it also, in my opinion, has a bit of orange to it as well which I love as it makes it a little different from my other red lips which are all pretty similar to Mac’s Russian Red.  I love how long lasting the product is, I brought with me on my trip to St. Lucia and while I only wore it once on the trip it lasted really well in the heat.  I only had an issue with it fading in the center probably because the dinner I had, definitely had some oil in it which probably caused the product to fade off.

Kayli was amazing and sent me tons of material including a “Tips & Tricks” sheet which included information such as not leaving the product in your car and tips to make it last even longer.  Lipsense claims to last 18 hours, won’t dry lips out, waterproof, kiss-proof, gluten-free, and wax free.  Now with the 18 hours of wear I personally cannot attest to that as I NEVER wear my lip color that long, but I will say it was kill proof as I tried kissing the back of my hand after I applied it and only the top coat gloss came off which is awesome!! I personally find that any liquid formulation of lipstick always makes my lips feel a little dry after, but this one didn’t make them feel crazy dry, they did feel a little tight after but that could have also been due to the location.  LipSense does feel a little interesting when applying probably because of some of the natural antibacterial ingredients it feels cooling but that is something that is easy to get used to.

LipSense is definitely going to be one of my new go to’s for long-wearing lip colors.  I have a feeling Blu-red will also be my new go-to red lip for the nights that I want to feel fancy and rock a red lip and know that it won’t end up coming off after a drink of water.

I will say that it did take me a little bit too perfect my application technique because you should not use a regular lip liner with LipSense because it will mess with the technology used to make the lip product last. I am always one to use a lip liner with my lip products just purely out of habit so it was a bit harder to get those nice crisp lines with just a liquid product.  But with practice, it is much easier for me to apply it.

I really recommend the LipSense line and I will probably order a neutral color soon so that I have a more everyday color in my collection.

You can order LipSense through Kayli, her distributor number is 189691, you can also email her at or find her page on Facebook under Give.Me.Some.Lip.KS or online at WWW.SENEGENCE.COM/givemesomelip below is a photo of her adorable business card.

Here are the products that came with the kit I was sent, Blu-Red long lasting liquid lip color, Moisturizing Gloss, and the Ooops! Remover

blu red

Please let me know what you would like to see next on the blog, I am always happy to take requests.





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